Bliss You ~ Well-being Classes

Calm Classes- Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation
Fascia Release - Self care to free the body of pain, limited movement, knots...
Chair Yoga - seated stretch, strength, flexibility exercises

Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation Classes

Non-religious, Non-Spiritual, mainstream classes, no need to book, just arrive. All welcome.

Welcome to life with less stress and more mental freedom, relaxation, clarity, concentration, focus and self-confidence to enjoy life rather than live in autopilot and your life racing past you.

Mindfulness and meditation are simple tools you’ll learn, take away with you and practise easily to utilise throughout your life yourself at times of stress, sleep issues, high blood pressure, triggers, burn-out, PTSD, crazy 'monkey mind chatter', anxiety, depression, lack of focus and attention...  

Held weekly in natural bush setting on the banks of Canning River...

 2 Hour Calm Class - relaxation, movement with breath (gentle and for all abilities), types of meditation, non-religious for all cultures, beliefs and walks of life, light afternoon tea included.

Yoga Studio, Unit 8 64-68 Kent St, Cannington

Sat 21 Sept      2-4pm     $40  - Please send request for attendance here.  

**  If you'd like to lie down for all/part of the class, please bring Yoga/Camp mat, bolster/cushion/pillow, water bottle and eye pillow (eye pillows available for purchase $5) 

***Chairs are available for those that prefer to sit for all or part of the Class. You may like to bring a cushion or similar for your own comfort.

Fascia Release

By applying gentle, sustained, pressure with support to stretch and loosen the fascia (connective tissue that is found throughout the body) the muscles, organs and other body structures are released of tension, tightness and pain. Your motion is restored and pain relieved, flexibility and strength improved. 

Master Classes - please click here to keep updated on upcoming Master Classes.

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Chair Yoga Coming Soon - please click here for more information

Classes and Workshops

Twice monthly  Sundays 6-7pm at Mundaring Wellness Centre  until June 9 2019 then - TBA

Flourish Yoga Festival = 13 and 14 April 2019  Flourish Yoga Festival Kalamunda

Relay for Life 4 & 5 May 2019 Cancer Council Relay for Life Information

Create a class - in your area with your group or public one-off event/routine classes - teachers, prison staff, families, teens, hospital staff, emergency services staff, parents, workers of all genres, grandparents, families, retirees, you...   






There are many benefits that can be learned in a single minimum 3hr class. Everyone will reap benefits in one class.  Half Day Retreats can be arranged in a location near your group either by me or your group organiser or on your premises. They are usually 3.5hrs long allowing a short break midway where snacks and drinks will be provided. $65 per person

Full Day Retreats can also be at any location by arrangement and discussion prior to the event.  Your group will enjoy morning/afternoon tea/evening snack and lunch/dinner relevant to the time of the Retreat.  Most Day Retreats are min 6 hours. $145 per person

A week of daily Half or Full Day Retreats (or combination) can be arranged and often suit rural areas. 

Retreats cover many simple tools for mindfulness, meditation and stress strategies for you to use and utilise when required post Retreat. See: Bliss You Retreats

If preferred you can book a family group in your home or a one-on-one session if best suited.

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Gift Vouchers are available for all celebrations:  Christmas, Birthdays, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Congratulations, Just because...  Gift Voucher Request