Create a Class...

Please contact me by email on with some information of your requirements: 

  • number of people you'd expect attending,
  • school/group/family/institution name,
  • options of dates and times of the day,
  • consideration of the focus of the session ie purely relaxation, anxiety, mindfulness, etc
  • a price list/sliding fee structure and all relevant information will be sent out to you 
  • I will maintain contact with you before the booked session, provide all that I need and follow-up with you afterwards.

I have current Working With Children Check, National Security Police Check,  Education Dept E-Number, Insurance Cover, Connected Kids Training Level 1 & Level 2, St John First Aid for Mental Health, Yoga Nidra Immersion, Qi Kung, Sound Healing, Mindfulness and Meditation Training

All abilities, all ages, all walks of life welcome!

I request that a teacher, staff member, parent or carer be present throughout my time with any children under the age of 18 whether a single child or a class.

The session can be indoors or outdoors dependent on the size of the group, space available, weather, and comfort of those attending.

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