Calm Classes - Mindfulness, Meditation, Relaxation 

Non-religious, Non-Spiritual, mainstream classes, no need to book, just arrive. All welcome.

Welcome to life with less stress and more mental freedom, relaxation, clarity, concentration, focus and self-confidence to enjoy life rather than live in autopilot and your life racing past you.

Mindfulness and meditation are simple tools you’ll learn, take away with you and practise easily to utilise throughout your life yourself at times of stress, sleep issues, high blood pressure, triggers, burn-out, PTSD, crazy 'monkey mind chatter', anxiety, depression, lack of focus and attention...  

 2 Hour Calm Class - relaxation, movement with breath (gentle and for all abilities), types of meditation, non-religious for all cultures, beliefs and walks of life, light afternoon tea included.

Yoga Studio, Unit 8 64-68 Kent St, Cannington

Sat 21 Sept      2-4pm     $40  - Please send request for attendance here.  Or Eventbrite  CLICK HERE

**  If you'd like to lie down for all/part of the class, please bring Yoga/Camp mat, bolster/cushion/pillow, water bottle and eye pillow (eye pillows available for purchase $5) 

***Chairs are available for those that prefer to sit for all or part of the Class. You may like to bring a cushion or similar for your own comfort.

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Further Information:

Learn how to be more 'present' and out of 'auto-pilot' to feel more connected (not the Social Media type :)) to those around you.  Take control of your life in kind, considered ways.

Feel more relaxed, focused, kind, compassionate, healthier mind, less stressed, manage anger and triggers, reduce frustration, increase self-confidence, self-esteem, concentrate more and be able to think more clearly without the 'monkey mind chatter' going on continuously.

You will learn very simple strategies and skills that you can implement where needed as situations arise in your life.  You will not need to purchase anything before or after learning, you'll find you have them on you all the time, just how to make use of them.

If you have any life struggles, demands or feel overwhelmed with a crazy 'monkey mind', have things such as anger, anxiety, depression, lack of self worth, burnout, focus and concentration.

If you find that day to day you're not keeping up with expectations you may be applying to yourself or feel others are on you, if you walk this earth as a human being with challenges of all sorts then taking a bit of time out for yourself is vital.

Don't wait until you feel you've earned it or need it -learn coping strategies to change how you deal with life's challenges from your past, what's happening in life now and preparing to manage well in the future.

All ages, all walks of life, all cultures, all human's welcome!

Classes have been created to not speak of any lineage or religion so that they are accessible and comfortable for all. Mainstream presentations that apply to us all regardless of race, religion etc.

So please, make a commitment to yourself to support your mental health and well-being with your weekly class and see the difference it makes not only for you but the flow-on effect you'll see in people and life as it unfolds around you.

You need bring nothing other than your water bottle if you'd like to, maybe a cushion to place on the seat of the chair for comfort.

If you have any further questions please email to

Bespoke Retreats and Classes- please enquire here to arrange classes customised and convenient at your place of work, family/home, social group etc.  These classes are very affordable, low effort to arrange and extremely beneficial for all ages, all abilities, all walks of life - every body will benefit.

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Here are some benefits of Mindfulness and Meditation:
  • Ability to step out of Autopilot mode
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Balance energy
  • Control/manage triggers
  • Increase and balance body awareness and self-control
  • Improve focus, concentration, memory, thoughts, behaviour,
  • Help to reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, anger, confusion and stress
  • Learn to Respond not React
  • Promote sense of calm, peace and balance
  • Help with aspects of ADHD, Asperger’s and for those on the Autism Spectrum, PTSD
  • Switch operational control from ‘on-guard’ sympathetic nervous system to ‘rest and digest’ para-sympathetic nervous system
  • Improved connectedness

Simple, on-the-spot exercises and sound tools may be incorporated but this is not intended to be a yoga class, no chanting, no spiritual teachings, non-judgmental, all inclusive and not a downward-dog in sight.

Suitable for All abilities, All ages, All walks of life.

Classes can be modified and planned for many different situations, ages, requirements either in schools, prisons, retirement villages, neighbourhood centres etc - constantly flexible and accommodating!

Happier, healthier, more relaxed, productive, focused, self-controlled family, students and employees have been shown to be more productive, resilient, co-operative and creative.

The classes/retreats are designed to be general in nature or can be more targeted to focus on particular difficulties in life past or present and required for future. All ages benefit with classes structured and prepared to suit the group.

Classes/Retreats are mostly designed around relaxation, quietness, reflection and silence and can be seated lying down and a combination to suit the activity and ability of the attendees. They can be inside or outside, a combination depending on what’s available, weather, space, numbers etc. 

Regular general and themed classes and retreats may be held in various venues within the Metro area.  (Regional Areas by prior arrangement)

General themes or focus are planned for: Teens, Youth, Men, Women, Tourette Syndrome, Mixed groups...everyone is welcome.