Counselling to You

Many people find counselling (talking therapy) challenging for many reasons.  This is very normal.  Just being here on this page may be your first big step towards improving life and for more positive outcomes for yourself and those around you.  

Counselling helps people become aware of their emotions, thoughts and behaviours so that they can then learn to manage them in a more positive manner.  This improves their life by bringing about positive change with the ability to make simple (that may seem challenging at first because we get 'used to' a certain way) adjustments that can impact extensively.

Counselling comes to you.   You have the choice of a clinical room to attend if that makes you feel more comfortable.  Or, you can make arrangements to meet at a park, beach, office, cafe, hospital, church etc.  The location will best be somewhere you can feel free to talk confidentially and safely.  You also have the option of phone or video session/s - however,  face-to-face is preferable if you can mange it. There are some instances where online or phone is not an option eg psychotic or chronic depression.

Counselling is not a one visit fix usually.  It is mostly a series of weekly contact so that what appears to be the main issue can be explored but also underlying issues that may be impacting on you also can be gently and kindly considered. However, significant relief can be found after even one session.  You are the expert of yourself.  You'll know best.  Counselling will help you learn more about yourself, sometimes your past but always looking at the way forward.

We generally have several things going on at once that may appear as one issue or problem.  By working on what's important to you and what you choose to discuss can very often clear other matters successfully.  

Bliss You 'Counselling to You' charges $80 which is a fixed reduced rate for everyone and payable by bank transfer at the time of booking.  There is no rebate from Health Fund or Medicare.  Here are some reasons people arrange counselling:  

Grief and Loss

Family and Couple issues


Men and Youth specifics

Poor sleep quality/mental fatigue

General sense of anxiety, depression, worry

Alcohol and Other Drugs Use

Conflict Resolution

Anything that's bothering you can be addressed or referred on to a more appropriate service. 

Your counsellor is Carmel.  Carmel is a qualified Counsellor and continues to advance her education and breadth of knowledge through reputable Counselling and Psychotherapy conferences, workshops and training.  She has had an intense and invested interest in the mind and human behaviour over her lifetime and this interest continues.

Carmel has extensive lived experience that she draws on of her own and of those she has assisted over the years.  Listening to you is the biggest part of the therapy, talking with each other, working through things together, making use of modalities such as CBT, Art Therapy, Solution Focused, Narrative Therapy all help to make the process successful and, many say, very enjoyable. 

Contact here to arrange an immediate or future booking.