2 hour Muscle and Fascia Release  - MasterClasses

What is Fascia?  a network of connective tissue that is found throughout the body. 

Fascia covers everything and connects your whole body - muscles, organs, bones, muscle fibers.  Nothing of your body moves in isolation and it's all connected by cobweb like, bands and sheets of fascia.

Fascia needs to be stretched, ,elastic and glide so simply stretching movements aren't enough. When the fascia gets stuck or knotted your motion is restricted, you're less flexible and generally pain is experienced.  The Fascia need hydrating and this occurs while releasing the tightness of trigger points, scar tissue, past injuries damage, soft tissue issues...

By learning how to release these knots, tightness, restriction and pain applying gentle, sustained, pressure with support to stretch and loosen the fascia (eg plantar fasciitis) the muscles, organs and other body structures are released of tension, tightness and pain. Your motion is restored and pain relieved, flexibility and strength improved. 

Bespoke Retreats and Classes- please enquire here to arrange classes customised and convenient at your place of work, family/home, social group etc.  These classes are very affordable, low effort to arrange and extremely beneficial for all ages, all abilities, all walks of life - every body will benefit.