I was really sore before we started then I felt much better after the meditation.  TJ 13yrs

I felt so heavy I thought I couldn’t move my body. MR 11 Yrs

I felt like I’d had about 4 hours sleep and it had only been 20 mins. Wow, thanks!  JB 34 Yrs

Thanks for some ideas I can use if I can’t sleep or have exams going on. TD 14 Yrs

Happy, I liked the blindfold pillow best.  Alexander  4 Yrs

We had these beanies on our eyes, made me feel good. Sapphira 3 Yrs

I liked moving the stirer around the singing bowl.  It made me feel nice and relaxed.  The chime made me feel relaxed. Olivia, 4 Yrs

The chime noise was really beautiful, I felt really happy,  and I liked it because I got to play and shake the chimes. Benjamin 4 Yrs

I really liked and enjoyed it because it was very relaxing and calming.  It helped me calm down because I was a bit mad today, but now I feel much more relaxed and normal.  I loved the eye pillow and the scent.  I  hope I can buy one so I can do those movements again other days.  DS 10 yrs

I enjoyed the guided medatation it was fun and relaxing 4.6 stars.  Z 10 yrs

I really liked it because I felt really relaxed life for example when you were ringing the chimes I felt like no one was around me and I was all alone.  If you come again I would like to lay down and have the eye bags again and relax. Thanks you for coming and making me relaxed. LJ 11 yrd

It was very relaxing because I got some new ideas to do when I am stress.  Also my favourite thing was the ‘Little Friend’ story.  It totally destress me also if you come again you should do a guided meditation but everything was awesome, from DB

My favrit part was the eye pillow and lying down and thanks for helping me relaks.  FH  10 yrs

I feel calm and relaxed.  My favourite was then we layed down and put the eye pillow.  It was a relaxing meditation I really liked it. AL 10 turning 11

I really like the meditation because it was really calming and to relax you down with any worries or if your stressed or mad.  MP 10 yrs

I felt calm becuase it’s very quiet, peaceful and comfortable lying on the ground.  My favourite moment is when lying with our eyes close.  HG  10 yrs

I thought it was a great experience to have and I would defenetaly do it again.  My favourite thing was when we had the sand bags on and you walked around with your bells.  JL 10 yrs

I thought that the meditation was relaxing and calm.  My favourite activity was the breathing one where we put the eye pillows on our eyes and had to breath in and out If we had to do it again I would definatilly do it again.  MI

I enjoyd everything about the medtashion I was relaxed and fliting my wrist.  JR 10 yrs

I liked it very much, I liked when we put on the sand bags on our face and the bells it relaxed me a lot.  MH

I relacesed and enjoyed it so much.  Because it was good.  My favourite part is when all the parts.  TK 10 yrs

I really enjoyed todays session, it really calmed me down.  The methods that you use are very affective and I would love to do that again.  Thank you :) KA 10 yrs

 I think it was a great meditation it very relaxing my favourite part is laying on the ground and relaxing.  SA 10 yrs

One thing I didn’t like about the yoga is that we have to lay down on the floor. It was hurting but when we put on the eyebags were cold so it felt so nice.  The best was the rainbow one it was good. 

Frist we did sam flicking the wrist.  Then we all did meditation and we used eye bake.  It was awesome  DN 10 yrs

What I thought that the meditation was very nice and beautiful and how you orgnaied it. Maybe add a little quiet music in the background. How I felt was very comfortable and relaxed.  Please come back to do some more!  MC  11 yrs

I loved the meditation  it was very relaxing and the movement that you showed, I could really imagine it and feel it.  When we had to lay down I felt comfortable and relaxed and when the music and I would really want you to add like a story to imagine so relaxed to.  DL  11yrs

I did not like having to lay down because it hurt my head and I also liked the rainbow activity because it actually felt like holding a rainbow.  WL  Bliss You!

I really enjoyed the meditation.  I liked the eye pillow because it helped me to concentrate and not get distracted it also smelt really nice.  I also like the exercises we did in the beginning.   AS 11yrs

I liked having time to meditate and laying with my arms down.  CH 11yrs

I thought it was fun and relaxing.  My favourite bits were at the start when we were bopping up and down while shaking our hands.  Also at the end when we had the eye pillows and they smelt really nice.  KM  11 yrs

I enjoyed the lavender eye pillows and the chimes and bells, it was very relaxing J  I think you should improve on next time is that can make us imagen about a magical places.  ET  11yrs

Dear Carmel, I loved the meditation session it was really enjoyable.  My favourite part was when you provided us with eye pillows, I like the eye pillows because it was relaxing and it smelt nice.  In the future I would like to so some relaxing yoga poses like the tree pose.  RP  11yrs

I enjoyed the moment where we shake our hand and I enjoyed where we sleep down on the ground it was very helpful because I’m not so tried now so thank you so must.  TA 11ans

I loved it exapte I don’t like the smell of lavander. I prefer the smell of something more sweet but I loved everything else.  I really did.  My favourite part was the rainbow fall.  I t was very relaxing.  I agree with you for that part. One last message I really hopey ou come back.  MKG  11yrs

Thanks Carmel.  I enjoyed the meditation it was really peaceful and the way you might it fun is we got to close our eyes and hear the chime sound.  It felt relaxing and I can enjoy myself.  IC  11yrs

Dear Carmel,  I think you did that session very well because your voice was very clear and I knew that everyone would have agreed with that.  My favourite part of the meditation was when we lied down and just relaxed peacefully, so thank you for coming.  KV 11yrs

I liked how you put the eye-masks and that helped me relax and make me feel very safe.  I also liked how you make us shake out our hands to make our hands relax and that was helpful.  You did a very good job with your exercise, thank you.  MR 11yrs

I thing that lesson was fun, peaceful, calm and relaxing  after the lesson I feel energised.  I hope we can do this again.  I like the activity where we had to imagine that we were carrying a rainbow. ET

I loved the setion because it was calming and it was very peaceful  it was a good experience thank you for your time it is greatly appresiiated.   MO  11yrs

The meditation was a perfect way to calm myself and I like the lavender pillow on the eye thing because its really relaxing with the other noise in the backround.  I also liked the gentle excersise moves because its calming and relaxing, but my favourite move was the position that makes your mind fell like your touching the water.  JM  11yrs

I really enjoyed the session you did with us today.  I especially liked where we got to imagine a little thing to keep with us, because I like creating imaginary things and animals.  I think you are good at doing the sessions and you should definitely keep doing the imaginary thing game.  CS  11yrs

I enjoyed the bit when we put the eye pillows on our eyes and I also enjoyed it when she ringed the bell.  It was peaceful and it was fun.  Carmel did an amazing job and she was very kind.  HY  11yrs

I personally enjoyed the meditation , however I think the part when we had to hold something and it had to be something from nature, I felt that is was a tad unncessary that it had to be from nature.  Other than that it was fine.  JZ  11yrs

I enjoyed the first thing we did, I like the wrist shaking one.  I would like if the meditation when we lay on the floor could be shorter, it was great but it kind of hurt my back.  I also feel a lot calmer then I was before.   EM  Yr 6

I injoyed the time when we had to move and bounce our legs and move our fingers.  AS 10yrs

I really liked the chimes, it was really relaxing.  This was one of the best meditation I have ever had.  SS Yr6

I think this is something that is really good to have while we (community) is doing these programs and counselling as we are healing ourselves.  I believe this (mindfulness and meditation) also helps with the programs to heal within ourselves.  I would continue to use the program when available.  I believe fortnightly would be more beneficial than monthly.   39 Yrs

I enjoyed the foot massage the meditation was very helpful as well.  On a whole I enjoyed everything we did.  Please come back again.  Bliss You xxxx    49 Yrs

I enjoyed the class. I usually find it extremely hard to relax especially around others.  But as soon as I walked into the room I felt welcome and was able to let go and enjoy the full experience.  Thank you    35 Yrs

I thought that it was lovely, something that I find useful and I want to teach my daughter these techniques.  She has anxiety issues.  I think that it is a great skill to have.  Thank you, All the best.  33 Yrs

It gave me a moment of stillness and to learn the technique of breathing and meditation of positive things.  Ans to lean the skill to no how to shut out the world for that present moment is a beautiful experience.  I haven’t relax for so long in my life and to learn to do this with your help is very important skill to learn.  Thank you   48 Yrs

I truly enjoyed the experience of being able to be free from prison and even if for only short time and if only in my mind.  I liked the meditation using chimes and other styles of sounds incorporated with the meditation.  46 Yrs

It was super relaxing and calming.  I learned some new techniques.  Thank you 21 Yrs :)

I really enjoyed the sessions. Suggestions= maybe next time after the sessions could spend 5 mins on facials and hands scrubs.  35 Yrs

It was good.  Id like to make more things like the eye pillow, id like to know and make other aids to assist with relaxation.  Thanks    35 Yrs

Thank you is was a wonderful class. It would be lovely if it was offered to un on a regular basis.  I believe meditation is an integral part to everyone’s recovery from addiction.  Thank you for the opportunity to take part in the class   47 Yrs :)

I had the pleasure of attending This Retreat , and it was so relaxing , Carmel was a fantastic host and guided us all through different strategies to use for situations that arise. Thank you and the food was Amazing -Highly recommended  56 Yrs 

I really like the moving meditation.  I feel very comfortable and safe in the space you've created for us. The music is lovely, I found the silent minute really helpful - would be happy for that to be extended to 2-3 mins.  I love the last relaxation sequence. 45 Yrs

I like the gong and wind chime sounds - breathing technique - l'm learning to do at the same time as movements.